No one could argue that it has been an extremely challenging year for the NHS. Equally, no one could dispute the courage, commitment, and the compassion that's been shown by all of our staff, which has acted as a real reminder that we genuinely do have the very best healthcare system in the world.

And that extends to our finance community who have worked tirelessly throughout this whole period, and to our amazing network of Value Makers! We have heard countless stories of finance teams and individuals who have gone above and beyond and adapted to change. Who’ve shown huge resilience and kept things moving.

The Value Maker network has continued to grow and we now have over 2000 members from across the country who have provided real support to one another at a time when we needed it more than ever.

The ideas and innovation has continued flowing, we've adapted our ways of working - literally overnight - and in some cases completely changed the roles we do to support the front-line staff as best we can in any shape or form.

So, I want to say a huge thank you to everybody who has shared ideas as part of this work, and I hope that you take some real inspiration from the examples included, and take real pride in the way that the finance community and Value Maker network has responded throughout the pandemic.